The Friendships of Women
Freixas, Laura
Pages: 272

After ‘Madres e hijas’, this new anthology of stories, edited by Laura Freixas, explores another crucial realm of experience for women: their friendships. ‘C...

The Funeral Capitalism
Verdú, Vicente
Pages: 200

Few ages in human history have been as ignored as the current one. The characteristics of global society today have rarely been placed under a critical spotlight, being regard...

The Decapitated Man
González Rodríguez, Sergio
Pages: 192

In Huesos en el desierto, Sergio González Rodríguez achieved international recognition for his brilliant recounting of the brutal and systematic slaying of women on the border...

France (Passage du Nord Ouest)

The Passion of Power. Theory and Practice of Domination
Marina, José Antonio
Pages: 240

Power does not only provoke reaction, it also causes attraction and many intellectuals— Plato, Hegel, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Ortega and Foucault, among others— have...

Portugal (A esfera dos livros)
Switzerland/Germany (Schwabe)

Under This Terrible Sun
Busqued, Carlos
Pages: 184

This novel takes place in a dark Argentinean province and in the border between horror and crime fiction. One day, Centarti, the protagonist, receives a call from a lawyer cal...

Germany (Antje Kunstmann)
Italy (H2O)
Argentina (Rizoma Films has optioned Film Rights)
UK & USA (Digital) (Frisch & Co.)

Personal Matters
Morella, José
Pages: 168

Roberto is someone who is used to living on his own terms and doing whatever he feels like. He is an independent spirit, and has been so for his whole life. Roberto retired si...

Amat, Kiko
Pages: 320

“Guys with boots on, empty pockets and full cojones: songs are the only things we have… our songs and ourselves”. It is the summer of 1987 and the music of Madonna and George...

Almost Never
Sada, Daniel
Pages: 384

This Rabelaisian tale of lust and longing in the drier precincts of post-war Mexico introduces one of Latin America’s most admired writers to the English-speaking world....

USA (Graywolf Press)
France (Editions L'Olivier)
Italy (Del Vecchio)

Homo Sampler. Time and consumerism in the Afterpop Era
Fernández Porta, Eloy
Pages: 384

Why do uptown girls have grunge boyfriends? How can we create time for ourselves in the age of ‘technologically-produced time’? And, above all, how did that man arrive on a Pa...

France (Inculte)

Emilio, los chistes y la muerte
Morábito, Fabio
Pages: 168

This is the story of the relationship between a twelve-year old boy who remembers too much and a woman of forty who would like to forget everything. Emilio, who has no friends...

France (Jose Corti)

The Letter-opener
Molina Foix, Vicente
Pages: 448

This novel, awarded the Premio Nacional de Literatura en 2007, begins with the letters that a childhood friend writes during the second decade of the XXth Century to Garc&iacu...

The Small Hands
Barba, Andrés
Pages: 112

Las manos pequeñas can be placed in that select group, alongside Les Enfants Terribles by Cocteau and The Lord of the Flies by William Golding: uncompromising portraits...

Portugal (Ediçoes 70)
Romania (Vellant)
Brazil (Almedina)
Italy (Atmosphere Libri)
France (Christian Bourgois)
USA (Transit Books)
Serbia (Mono i manjana)
UK (Granta)

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