The Language of the Game
Sada, Daniel
Pages: 200

The Montaño family originates from the north of Mexico, from this vast country whose name Daniel Sada subverts and calls Mágico. The father, Valente, has illegally crossed the...

Italy (Del Vecchio)

If We Lived Somewhere Normal
Villalobos, Juan Pablo
Pages: 192

In Lagos de Moreno in the eighties (a town with more cows than people and more priests than cows) a rather poor family attempts to overcome the bizarre dangers of living in Me...

UK (And Other Stories)
USA (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
France (Actes Sud)
Germany (Berenberg)
Japan (Sakuhinsha )
Brazil (Companhia das Letras)
Turkey (Monokl)
Italy (Gran Via)

On_line. Reed and write in the web
Cassany, Daniel
Pages: 288

How do we read and write on the web? How do we inform ourselves and create meaning? Is it the same as the way it is done with books, paper, and pencil? Even more importantly,...

Get Excited Like That. Anatomy of Happiness (with Hidden Publicity)
Fernández Porta, Eloy
Pages: 272

There’s business and there’s being human. The ascetic and the groupie. Moral doctrine and adverts. The perverse and the consensus. These unusual pairs, and a few more, are t...

Portable Atlas of Latin America. Art and Wandering Fictions
Speranza, Graciela
Pages: 248

Influenced by the many forces that blur the boundaries between continents, states, and local cultures, the 21st Century world has undoubtedly become a more fluid and navigable...

It has stopped raining
Barba, Andrés
Pages: 208

This is a «novel of novellas», a portrait of a city composed of four variations on the same theme: someone, suddenly and accidentally, finally comprehends the life of someone...

UK & USA (Hispabooks)
Italy (Einaudi)

My Gloria
Gutiérrez Aragón, Manuel
Pages: 344

Is it possible to escape your past forever? Can ideals be betrayed without consequence? Can you fight for love, against everything and everyone? What is the path that leads ou...

The Swimmers
Pérez Azaústre, Joaquín
Pages: 248

Jonás is a photographer. He works as a press reporter and has been involved in various exhibitions. But what he’s really interested in is swimming. He is an assiduous visitor...

France (Seuil)
Italy (Codice Edizioni)
Turkey (Monokl)
UK & USA (Digital) (Frisch & Co.)

The Woman in the Shadows
Martín, Luisgé
Pages: 232

A few days before dying in an accident, Guillermo confesses to his friend Eusebio that he is having a sadomasochistic relationship with a mysterious woman. Some time later, Eu...

Italy (Guanda)
USA & UK (Hispabooks)

Goytisolo, Luis
Pages: 1120

With its enormous ambition, Antagonía is, without doubt, one of the highest points in the history of Spanish literature. Recognised quickly as a masterpiece, this extra...


Hotel Life
Montes, Javier
Pages: 200

The protagonist and narrator of this story is a newspaper hotel critic. At the beginning of the novel he is sent to review a recently renovated hotel called The Imperial. At t...

UK & USA (Hispabooks)
Italy (Nutrimenti)

A good detective never marries
Sanz, Marta
Pages: 320

The detective Arturo Zarco leaves for the south. He travels by bus because he doesn’t know how to drive, escaping from a heart broken by the infidelity of his young love...
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