Ethics for Shipwrecked People
Marina, José Antonio
Pages: 248

Portugal (Caminho)
Italy (Baldini & Castoldi)
France (Desclée de Brouwer)
Brazil (E. Guarda-chuva)

The Love Parade
Pitol, Sergio
Pages: 256

Germany (Wagenbach)
The Netherlands (Cossee)
Greece (Kastaniotis)
Brazil (Siciliano)
Korea (Park Youl)

Short-Stories on the Lack of Substance
Pombo y García de los Ríos, Álvaro
Pages: 192

France (Christian Bourgois)
Serbia & Montenegro (Alexandria Press)

Sons without sons
Vila-Matas, Enrique
Pages: 224

France (Christian Bourgois)
Portugal (Assírio & Alvim)

The Farewell Angel
Martín Gaite, Carmen
Pages: 336

On the very day he is released from prison - a rainy October day in Madrid- Leonardo learns of his parent's death in a car crash. He returns to their empty town house, a r...

Italy (Giunti)
France (Flammarion)
Portugal (Difel)
Greece (Ellinika Grammata)
UK (The Harvill Press)
Sweden (Norsteds)
Germany (Ullstein)
Romania (Editura Art)

Conquering of the Air
Ruiz de Gopegui, Belén
Pages: 352

One day in October 1994, Carlos Maceda summons his two oldest and best friends, Santiago Álvarez and Marta Timoner, to ask them for a loan. His small company of electri...

France (Actes Sud)
Italy (Giunti)
Germany (Pendo)
Serbia & Montenegro (Alexandria Press)
Poland (Rebis)
Romania (IBU)

Bolaño, Roberto
Pages: 160

Rights for the following countries are managed by Anagrama: Germany, Brazil, Canada (french), France, Greece, The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia f...

Germany (Antje Kunstmann)
Canada (Les Allusifs)
Brasil (Companhia das Letras)
Italy (Adelphi)

Good Handwriting
Chirbes, Rafael
Pages: 160

Ana tells her son pieces of a life filled with the superficial miseries from which her personal and family relationships are constructed. Her words become a hard legacy for a...

Germany (Antje Kunstmann)
France (Rivages)
The Netherlands (Menken, Kasander & Wigman)
Italy (Le Lettere)
Serbia & Montenegro (Cigoja Stampa)
Greece (Eikostou Protou)
Italy (Feltrinelli)

Sin mirar atrás
Castillo, David
Pages: 256

Sin mirar atrás is an emotional thriller with the same main character as in the first novel by the author. In this story, Dani Cajal who had travelled from prison in Ba...

The Cold Side of the Pillow
Ruiz de Gopegui, Belén
Pages: 240

In the year 2003 Philip Hull, a North American diplomatic based in Madrid, finds himself involved in a labyrinth when he accepts a role as a go-between in a deal with security...

France (Seuil)
Italy (Neri Pozza)
Brazil (Mundo Editorial)
Turkey (Alef)
China (People's Literature Publishing House)

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