The Book of Days of Stanislaus Joyce
Garrido, Diego
Pages: 320

The diary of Stanislaus Joyce: a "portrait of an adolescent artist" written by the brother of the author of Ulysses. Stanislaus, the second son in a destruct...

The Handsome Ones
García Llovet, Esther
Pages: 112

Have we been visited by aliens? The answer might lie in this novel (or not).           Mysterious circles begin to appear in the rice fields i...

Patriarchal Obedience Book
Berbel Sánchez, Sara
Castany Prado, Bernat
Pages: 144

Despite the advances of feminism, the patriarchy is still alive. Thanks to its capacity to adapt, its mandates continue to limit women’s freedom, and also men’s. B...

Expansive Democracy or: How to Start Getting Over Capitalism
Sartorius, Nicolás
Pages: 424

A new essay by Nicolás Sartorius, founder of The Workers' Commissions, former deputy, and deeply committed politician. We are living through a moment of global...

Half-girls and Thousand-men
Fernández Porta, Eloy
Pages: 208

The collection of ten years of articles and essays dedicated specifically to the topic of gender. Medianenas y milhombres collects the texts about gender that Eloy Fern&aac...

Luque, Pau
Pages: 200

An ode to secrets, missteps, mistakes, and contradictions. An illuminating anti-self-help book. “The most suspicious thing about solutions is that they are always fou...

Dress Rehearsal
Busquets, Milena
Pages: 160

Through some of the “genres” (novel, auto fiction, essays, journal) given to a writer to express themselves, Milena Busquets continues her quest to explain the wor...

The Incessant Image
Balló, Jordi
Oliva, Mercè
Pages: 432

An essay on the anatomy of audiovisual formats, on the set of rules that make each format unique, and, above all, on the ethical and narrative problems they raise. What do...

So To Speak
González Sainz, J. Á.
Pages: 160

In the four stories that make up this book, the protagonists are displaced from their comfort zones by some unexpected event. A man decides to take his family to a classi...

The Sense of Consent
Serra, Clara
Pages: 136

Is the concept of consent as clear and irrefutable as it seems? This book explores its nuances and contradictions. Consent has become a key concept in sexual relationships....

Italy (Castelvecchi)
France (La Fabrique)

The White Desert
López Carrasco, Luis
Pages: 168

2023 Herralde Novel Prize Nine strangers escape from bombings in a hot air balloon. They must decide which one of them has to jump into the ocean so that the rest of them...

UK & USA (Granta)
China (The Writers Publishing House)

A Bee Furious of its Honey
Ibarz, Mercè
Pages: 280

The vital and creative life of a nomadic, mysterious, and glowing writer. The work of Mercè Rodoreda—central to modern Catalan literature and no less incisiv...


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