El tiempo de la promesa
Garcés, Marina
Pages: 112

An incisive and hopeful book about the power of the word to reclaim the present and the future. Do you remember the last promise you made or that was made to you? This essa...

The White Desert
López Carrasco, Luis
Pages: 168

2023 Herralde Novel Prize Nine strangers escape from bombings in a hot air balloon. They must decide which one of them has to jump into the ocean so that the rest of them...

Genovart, Andrea
Pages: 192

Alba, the narrator of this story, is part of a generation that tries to find solid ground in a city that is sinking. The generation is that of those who are approaching their...

Curating Our Skin
Suau, Nadal
Pages: 192

2023 Anagrama essay Prize There was a time when tattoos were linked to characters in the margins, such as sailors, convicts, or freaks. They were a provocative declaration...

Permanent Exceptionality
Gozalo Salellas, Ignasi
Pages: 128

Exceptionality as the new normal and current ways of dominion.  Sovereignty is back among us. We don't always see it, but it's present—embodied in differ...

The Unnoticed Prado
De Diego, Estrella
Pages: 304

A tour through the Prado, the essentials and the forgotten, from the point of view of an expert. A walk through the Prado. Past its classics and its forgotten pieces. Pas...

The Right Words
Busquets, Milena
Pages: 136

In these diaries, Milena Busquets writes with impressionist brushstrokes and manages to make the everyday, the things that seem mundane, turn into an epiphany. This is a di...

Before Anti-Imperialism: The Genealogy and Limits of a Humanitarian Tradition
Fradera, Josep M.
Pages: 498

The slave trade, and slavery itself—the subjugation of societies with long, solid histories and institutions—has received criticism since the second half of the 18...

The Myth of the Werewolf
Bartra, Roger
Pages: 240

A historical, cultural, psychoanalytic, and anthropological journey through the myth of the werewolf. Popularized by cinema, the legend of the werewolf has roots in mytholo...

Terrestrial Limbos
Feune de Colombi, Esteban
Pages: 112

What makes up a landscape? How do we tell its story; blend in with it? Limbos terrestres is full of notes and attempts to answer these questions. Shamanic rituals, the drum...

The Basement
Huertas, Begoña
Pages: 160

A novel with a disturbing atmosphere and fascinating unpredictability. With collages by the author Afflicted with chronic fatigue as a result of an unspecified illness,...

García Sierra, Óscar
Pages: 160

A surprising debut about the art of shaping the person you love with words. Facendera is a sort of community work that mobilizes an entire village with the same objective.T...

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