The Tumor
Soler, Toni
Pages: 160

«My father accompanied me until I was 17 years old.. He got ill when he was 52, the same age I am at the moment of writing these lines. I am not specially hypocondriac,...

When I Sing The Mountain Dances
Solà, Irene
Pages: 192

1960s. Domènec, a peasant and a poet, and Sió, his wife, a beautiful and determined girl, move to Matavaques, his country house, in an area of high mountains clo...

Italy (Blackie Edizioni)
US (Graywolf)
UK (Granta)
France (Seuil)
Galician (Kalandraka)
Basque (Alberdania)

The Best Words. On Free Speech
Gamper, Daniel
Pages: 160

Anagrama Essay Prize 2019

Ferré, Juan Francisco
Pages: 368

33 chapters. 33 days narrated by Gabriel Espinosa in first person. 33 stages of a descent—or perhaps an ascent—into madness or into complete lucidity, on a path th...

Opus Gelber: Portrait of a Pianist
Guerriero, Leila
Pages: 336

Argentine pianist Bruno Gelber is considered one of the best 100 pianists of the 20th century. He started playing when he was three years old, and his vocation was so strong t...

The Dream of Martyrs: Meditations on a Contemporary War
Scavino, Dardo
Pages: 248

Once the Cold War was over and the academics proclaimed “the end of history”, a new phenomenon emerged, marking the 21 century: Islamic terrorism, that attacked th...

The Enthusiasm. Precariousness and creative work in the digital era
Zafra, Remedios
Pages: 264

El entusiasmo is a timely book, dedicated to those who were born at the end of the XXth Century and who grew up without drama but with plenty of hope, until the arrival of a c...

The Pain of Others
Hernández, Miguel Ángel
Pages: 312

Gritty and honest, poised midway between a thriller and an autobiographical confession, harking back to authors such as Emmanuel Carrère, Javier Cercas and Delphine de...

Irony On. A Defense of te Public Mass Conversation
Gerchunoff, Santiago
Pages: 80

Since the establishment of the Internet, the new public sphere has been accused of a harmful excess of irony. It seems to be the return of a melancholy discomfort regarding ir...

Lladó, Albert
Pages: 96

Using Albert Camus’s reflections on how to be a journalist as a starting point, Lladró offers a theory based on the four cardinal points: lucidity, disobedience,...

The (Fe)Male Gaze
Arias Maldonado, Manuel
Pages: 104

Will there be a before and after in the relationships between men and women in light of the #MeToo movement? Where will relationships between the sexes go in the 21st century?...

Phenomenal Night
Pérez Andújar, Javier
Pages: 272

A TV program team devoted to paranormal phenomena discovers that some anomalous events, that have never been registered before, have become real in the same Barcelona where th...
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