The South & Bene
García Morales, Adelaida
Pages: 112

The South and Bene are poignant and haunting first-person narratives, each delving into the consciousness of a young girl in the context of post-civil war Spain. In The South,...

Germany (Suhrkamp)
France (Stock)
UK (Carcanet)
USA (University of Nebraska)
Japan (Inscript)

The Silence of the Sirens
García Morales, Adelaida
Pages: 176

In a timeless, dark hillside village two women meet: Maria, sensible, clear-sighted, modern, appalled and intrigued by the primitive rites of the place she has come to as vill...

Germany (Surhkamp)
France (Stock)
The Netherlands (De Geus)
Finland (Like)
Sweden (Forum)
UK (Harper Collins)
Greece (Kedros)
China (People's Literature Publishing House)
Romania (Editura Art)
Turkey (Monokl)

Why Am I a Christian?
Marina, José Antonio
Pages: 160

Portugal (Fim de Seculo)
Germany (WBG)

Doctor Pasavento
Vila-Matas, Enrique
Pages: 392

Doctor Pasavento is the story of a famous author trying to disappear. Pasavento tries to follow the moral example of the Swiss writer Robert Walser, who withdrew himself from...

Brazil (Cosac & Naify)
France (Christian Bourgois)
Switzerland (Nagel & Kimche)
Portugal (Teorema)
Italy (Feltrinelli)

Pérez Subirana, Manuel
Pages: 248

Roberto Brest, a life wasted by boredom, a graduate in Medicine converted into a factory worker, a writer who does not write... Until one night, when coming back home, he reme...

Against Nature
Pombo y García de los Ríos, Álvaro
Pages: 568

A novel that reflects an independent and politically incorrect discourse, as removed from the Catholic Church's condemnations as it is from the saccharine figurines on the...

France (Christian Bourgois)
Portugal (EDIÇÕES 70)
USA (Lumen Books)
Brazil (Almedina)

The guest
Nettel, Guadalupe
Pages: 192

The strange story of a little girl possesed by a disturbing being, maybe an imaginary one, maybe not. Ana carries on a silent battle against this Siamese sister, until the gue...

France (Actes Sud)
The Netherlands (Ailantus)

Zambra, Alejandro
Pages: 96

Condemned to a life of seriousness and imposture, Julio, the silent protagonist of this book, ends up convincing himself that it is better to shut himself in his room to obser...

France (Rivages)
Italy (Neri Pozza)
Greece (Patakis)
Portugal (Teorema)
USA (Melville Books)
The Netherlands (Karaat)
Turkey (Notos Kitap)
Israel (Carmel)
Brazil (Planeta do Brasil)
China (Shanghai99)
Japan (Hakusui-sha)
Romania (Curtea Veche)
Denmark (Skjødt Forlag)
Germany (Suhrkamp)
Slovenia (Modrijan)

Teresa's Versions
Barba, Andrés
Pages: 208

The passion, physical attraction and mutual fascination that Manuel and Verónica feel for the nearly teenage Teresa, goes beyond ‘love’. This is even more e...

France (Christian Bourgois)

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