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Dead Lands
Bendicho Giró, Núria
Pages: 184

A gothic and kaleidoscopic novel that reveals an atavistic universe. Nuria Benedicho Giró´s magnetic debut. Juan´s violent death opens this novel that un...

Private Life
Sagarra, Josep Maria de
Pages: 344

Private Life holds up a mirror to the moral corruption in the interstices of the Barcelona high society Sagarra was born into. Boudoirs of demimonde tramps, card games di...

USA (Archipelago)
The Netherlands (Menken, Kasander & Wigman)
France (Christian Bourgois)

Napalm in our Hearts
Guasch, Pol
Pages: 200

Anagrama Novel Prize 2021

The Adventures of Genitalia and Normativity
Fernández Porta, Eloy
Pages: 120

Eloy Fernández Porta is back with a provocative interpretation of the dynamic between the normative and the transgressive. Sexy is normie. Normie is sexy. Combi...

Fragile. Letters on anxiety and hope in the new culture
Zafra, Remedios
Pages: 288

A portrait of the new anxious culture of immaterial work, and an attempt to find a way out. This book is motivated by an anonymous voice: that of a woman who, after reading...

The Other War. The Story of the Argentinian Cemetery in the Falkan Islands
Guerriero, Leila
Pages: 96

In late 1982, after the war between Argentina and Great Britain over the Falkan Islands, the British army made office Geoffrey Cardozo identify the Argentine soldiers who had...

Earth Triptych
Ibarz, Mercè
Pages: 328

Twenty five years after the publication of La terra retirada and La palmera de blat, Mercè Ibarz closes the trilogy that is reunited in this volume w...

The Calf
Freijo Corbeira, Aurora
Pages: 128

The story of the abuse of a minor narrated with extraordinary literary force. An uncomfortable and necessary book. A single gesture was enough to turn her into a calf. Sma...

Fairground Fat Man
García Llovet, Esther
Pages: 160

A surreal noir, an outlandish, bizarre, and authentic comedy. A courageous and vibrant novel that gives its readers no respite. Madrid—a completely unique Madrid&mda...

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