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Terrestrial Limbos
Feune de Colombi, Esteban
Pages: 112

What makes up a landscape? How do we tell its story; blend in with it? Limbos terrestres is full of notes and attempts to answer these questions. Shamanic rituals, the drum...

The Basement
Huertas, Begoña
Pages: 160

A novel with a disturbing atmosphere and fascinating unpredictability. With collages by the author Afflicted with chronic fatigue as a result of an unspecified illness,...

Urban Tales
Ibarz, Mercè
Pages: 200

Mercè Ibarz leaves the rural landscapes of her childhood behind, to dive into the innards of the metropolis with a gaze as penetrating as it is serene. With the arri...

Cancellation and its enemies
Torné, Gonzalo

A sharp, questioning essay that reveals the different interests behind the term “cancel culture” and inspects the criteria that we use to evaluate art today. Do...

Moral hypochondria
Carrillo, Natalia
Luque, Pau
Pages: 120

The dangers of moralism and sentimentalizing injustices: moral hypochondria versus ethics. A ghost is visiting the living rooms of the western middle classes: the ghost of...

The Family
Mesa, Sara
Pages: 232



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Brazil (Autentica)
Poland (Glowbook)

If a Finger Points to the Moon
Pou, Toni
Pages: 224

An exciting defense of imagination and creativity applied to the sciences. One day a few years ago, the narrator of the book watches a video on YouTube that will urge him t...

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