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Soap and Water
D. Riezu, Marta
Pages: 240

Cecil Beaton was asked, “What is elegance?” and he replied, “Soap and water.” Which is the same as saying: elegance is what is simple, useful, the thin...

Ecotopia: An Earth Utopia
Racionero Ragué, Alexis
Pages: 112

Ecotopia: A proposal for reconnection with nature that goes beyond the limits of ecology. In 1975, Ernest Callenbach published Ecotopia, a manifesto on the Earth’s wi...

García Sierra, Óscar
Pages: 160

A surprising debut about the art of shaping the person you love with words. Facendera is a sort of community work that mobilizes an entire village with the same objective.T...

UK (Lolli Editions)

The Dark Blooms
Fernández Porta, Eloy
Pages: 136

A broken self-portrait, a notebook of psychic suffering that clearly describes the symptoms and intensity of a prolonged anxiety disorder and the dark way that it blooms. W...

Just Fashion
D. Riezu, Marta
Pages: 128

The title "Just Fashion" points to a double meaning—the first refers to keeping just the right amount of fashion in your closet, fleeing from gluttony and keep...

Italy (Einaudi)

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