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Things As They Are and Other Fantasies. Morality, Imagination and Narrative Art
Pages: 256

Anagrama Essay Prize 2020 A smart and agile book that dives into the complex relationship between morality and fiction. Can art be morally condemnable? Or is art immune...

Trace a Perimeter
Martínez, Cesc
Pages: 256

Four adventures about the instinct to construct our own world and the possibility of moving forward. In the first story in Trace a Perimeter, a group of adolescents who gre...

A Dacha in the Gulf
Sánchez Mediavilla, Emilio
Pages: 200

Winner of the first Sergio González Rodríguez Anagrama Chronicle Prize: a vibrant book about an enigmatic country. Why write a book about Bahrain? Firstly, because the au...

France (Métailié)

small red women
Sanz, Marta
Pages: 344

  A novel about the dead and the disappeared, for whom the search still endures, and against a far-right that has never left and turned into a universal threat. A noir...

Italy (Sellerio)

The Bread I Eat
Díaz-Mas, Paloma
Pages: 296

  A beautiful book about food, the codes shared by Mediterranean cultures, daily life, memories, and literature.  “I’m going to eat.” This bo...

Luz del Fuego (Fire Light)
Montes, Javier
Pages: 272

  The tale of a search and a mystery: the violent and fiery life of the Brazilian woman Luz del Fuego, a libertarian legend ahead of her times.  “I am a...

Vilá, Juan
Pages: 168

  1980: The year this novel’s narrator met his new father. A settling of scores with the past and with family history.  “I went to Barcelona, but I...

A Love
Mesa, Sara
Pages: 192

Ambitious, solid, risky: a novel about solitude and exclusion that is disturbing like Highsmith and sexual like Lawrence.  Nat, a young and inexperienced translator, h...

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New Radical Illustration
Garcés, Marina
Pages: 80

Authoritarianism, fanaticism, pessimism, terrorism… just some of the side effects of the powerful anti-enlightenment reaction that has come to dominate today’s na...

Germany and Austria (Turia + Kant)
France (Le Lenteur)
Italy (Nutrimenti)
Brazil (Ayinè)

When I Sing The Mountain Dances
Solà, Irene
Pages: 192

EUROPEAN UNION PRIZE FOR LITERATURE 1960s. Domènec, a peasant and a poet, and Sió, his wife, a beautiful and determined girl, move to Matavaques, his country...

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