Homo Sampler. Tiempo y consumo en la Era Afterpop

Homo Sampler. Time and consumerism in the Afterpop Era

Homo Sampler. Tiempo y consumo en la Era Afterpop

Why do uptown girls have grunge boyfriends? How can we create time for ourselves in the age of ‘technologically-produced time’? And, above all, how did that man arrive on a Pacific island to shout: “Me Homer Simpson! Me no want public television!”

The era of the media implosion demands a new kind of essay that combines the basis of academic research with the dynamism of a style magazine. That’s how Homo Sampler takes on its central theme: consumer society. Through three passionate and creative discourses that explore the stamp of atavism in pop, the growing importance of waste within electronic landscapes and the subjective answers to “objective chronology”, imposed by the market. Regressive time, temporality on a loop and chronological acceleration are central to this essay, which articulates three steps through a minutely structured format: a real ‘reconstruction of the day’ in twenty-four substantial vignettes. A book to be read like an enjoyable album predicated on contemporary culture, but which has the intention and impact of an illuminating new theory. 

An ambitious essay on aesthetics that aims to explode the technological time produced by consumer society… And to achieve such a stunning feat, the author uses a number of different genres and registers —from satire, reportage and fiction to the mass-market postcard, criticism and poetry— that go beyond the format of a traditional essay”. Matías Néspolo, El Mundo

"Homo Sampler is, in itself, a sample, a loop, a mix of carefully measured quotes. Like a DJ looking to produce a contemporary and stimulating reflection, Eloy Fernández Porta has written a brilliant essay about contemporary aesthetics". (Luis Diego Fernández, Perfil)


  • France (Inculte)
Eloy Fernández Porta

Eloy Fernández Porta

Eloy Fernández Porta (1974) was born in Barcelona. He has a PhD in Humanities from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Anagrama has published his essays on cultural criticism: Afterpop, Homo Sampler, €RO$, Emociónese así (‘Get Excited Like That’) and the most recent En la confidencia (‘In Confidence’). He was awarded the Premio Anagrama de Ensayo (Anagrama Essay Award) and the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona (Barcelona City Award). His work has been translated into English, French and Portuguese. He is considered a “fine analyst but also a great writer” (Maxence Grugier, Première), a “top class essayist” (Santi Balmes, Rolling Stone), “brilliant, hilarious, and bizarrely accessible” (Céline Ngi, Fluctuat). Recognised as “one of the most decisive proponent of spoken word in Spain (Eduard Escoffet), acts with Agustín Fernández Mallo, in the Afterpop duo Fernández and Fernández. She leads a new generation of bookworms who look at pop culture with the rigour of university research (Carlos Sala, La Razón) and she has “invented a form of thinking that is impressive in its freedom and causticity” (Nils C Ahl, Le Monde).


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