El cielo raso
El cielo raso

The Clear Sky

El cielo raso

El cielo raso is a well nurtured novel with a variety of anecdotes that seem to feed the respective narrative courses of the two characters lives: two cousins, who embody different attitudes to life. Gabriel, carrying the burden of his homo-sexuality, has developed over the years, the habit of getting carried away, which often manifests itself as an intellec-tual sublimation of submissiveness. Unable to requite his cousin’s love and suffocated by the repression of Franco’s last days, he decides to run away. After spending sometime in London, he eventually ends up in El Salvador, where he falls in love with a young revolutionary. He matures as a person and gets back home to face a new and explosive situation. Meanwhile, the other cousin, Leopoldo, strives to redeem himself by demanding submissiveness from his adopted godson. Both stories have complex links that result in tragedy and blood and give raise to a series of wild passions and lucid ideas. The novel presents complex and contradictory characters seen the magnifying glass of their continuos interior evolution.

SERIESNarrativas hispánicas


  • France (Christian Bourgois)
Álvaro Pombo

Álvaro Pombo

Álvaro Pombo was born in Santander in 1939 and curren-tly lives in Madrid. He has a B.A. from the University of Madrid, and a B.A. in Philosophy from Birkbeck College (London). He has been awarded the Herralde Novel Prize (1983) for El héroe de las Mansardas de Mansard, the Critics' Prize (1991) for El metro de platino iridiado, and both, the Ciudad de Barcelona Prize and the National Literature Prize (1997) for Donde las mujeres, for which he was also shortlisted in the Aristeion Prize. With La cuadratura del círculo he was awarded the Fastenrath Prize (2001) by the Royal Academy of Language. El cielo raso was awarded The Lara Fundation Prize (2002), granted by eleven major publishers to the best published novel of the year. Also, in 2002 he was appointed to the Royal Academy of Spanish Language. For Contra natura has been awarded the Ciudad de Barcelona and the Salambó Prizes.


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