Los guapos
Los guapos

The Handsome Ones

Los guapos

Have we been visited by aliens? The answer might lie in this novel (or not).          

Mysterious circles begin to appear in the rice fields in front of a campsite in El Saler. It’s what fans of the occult and extraterrestrials call crop circles: large geometric shapes that appear from one day to the next in a planted field. Are there UFOs in the area? Or is the campsite owner looking for a tourist attraction?

Posing as a journalist, Adrián Sureda travels to the area, though in reality he isn’t a journalist and his appearance is due to different reasons. He begins to investigate with the locals: the campsite owner, the campsite cat, the campsite guard who hosts an esoteric mystery show on a local channel in her free time, an Italian who arrived in the 80s and runs a kiosk…And very strange, strange things begin to happen. Are we facing a Twin Peaks situation in the Albufera?

“Her style is like that of a razor blade.” —Laura Fernández

“We like García Llovet a lot—her style, her poetics. A cult author.” —Sara Mesa

“A succinct, unsettling, strange novel without real ancestors or possible descendants.” —Kiko Amat

"With concise, rough prose and forceful syntax threaded through with dark humor, the author explores the ambiguous border between reality and unexplainable phenomena, using a gallery of characters on the periphery of the social pyramid." —Iñigo Urrutia, El Diario Vasco

"If Esther Gacía Llovet and the great Georges Simenon have something in common, it is that ability to easily create a unique world In a few pages, to build a setting for the action that is attractive and difficult to forget, and in this case, an eccentric set too: a camping ground in the provinces that begins to reveal a landscape that has nothing to desire from ones by David Lynch and other ‘odd ones’ in film and television." — Alfonso Vázquez, La Opinión de Málaga

"Colloquial, quick, prose with magnificent comparisons produces a fractured image of the world that is at once fun and sad. This anti-conventional, pretty crazy story represents an attractive, innovative proposition—one that is very intuitive and spontaneous—to the current challenges of the novel." —Santos Sanz Villanueva, El Cultural 

"García Llovet is so bloody strange, and everything she writes is so bloody strange, and, in addition, it is all so bloody her own. And by strange, I mean it as a synonym for unique and one-of-a-kind, extraordinary." —Juan Vilá, Jot Down 

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Esther García Llovet

Esther García Llovet

Esther García Llovet (Malaga, 1963) has lived in Madrid since 1970, where she has studied Clincal Psychology and film-making. 


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