Las manos pequeñas

The Small Hands

Las manos pequeñas

Las manos pequeñas can be placed in that select group, alongside Les Enfants Terribles by Cocteau and The Lord of the Flies by William Golding: uncompromising portraits of childhood that are both unsettling and moving. The seven-year old Marina, recently placed in an orphanage after the accidental death of her parents will become excluded like all her companions, measuring the life she never had and facing the end of the paradise of innocence. Marina discovers that the pain of loving what you do not recognize overlaps with the suffering of not belonging, until imagination creates strategies to overcome reality and invent games: a game that could only be judged seriously, with that particular violence that is only truly expressed in infancy.


  • Portugal (Ediçoes 70)
  • Romania (Vellant)
  • Brazil (Almedina)
  • Italy (Atmosphere Libri)
  • France (Christian Bourgois)
  • USA (Transit Books)
  • Serbia (Mono i manjana)
  • UK (Granta)
Andrés Barba

Andrés Barba

Andrés Barba (Madrid, 1975) has a degree in Spanish Literature. He has represented Spain in several international conferences for young dramatists and has been a lecturer in Madrid and Bowdoin College (USA). Currently he combines his work as a writer with a teaching position at the Complutense University of Madrid. He was awarded first finalist of the Herralde Novel Prize 2001 with La hermana de Katia. In 2005 he has been awarded the Torrente Ballester prize for Versiones de Teresa.


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