El gaucho insufrible
El gaucho insufrible

The Insufferable Gaucho

El gaucho insufrible

Roberto Bolaño, a writer who, in Vila Matas’ words, "opens the paths where the literary tendencies of the new millennium are destined to circulate", brings together in this book five short stories and two seminars. Among these stories, all of them indispensable, we find El gaucho insufrible, the adventure of Héctor Pareda, an exemplary Argentinean lawyer who restyles himself as a gaucho in the Pampas, and El policía de las ratas, the journey of Pepe el Tira, nephew of the mythical Josefina la Cantora, who works as a detective in the subterranean world of the sewers. In the two seminars published here, Literatura + Enfermedad = Enfermedad, is a splendid mixture of humour and intelligence; and, in Los mitos de Chtulhu, Bolaño uses a sometimes very subtle, but often distinctly bloody irony, to make some distinguished heads roll on the literary scene.


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Roberto Bolaño

Roberto Bolaño

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Roberto Bolaño was born on April 28, 1953, in Santiago, Chile .For most of
his youth Bolaño was a nomad, living at one time or another in Chile,
Mexico, El Salvador, France and Spain, where he finally settled down in the
early eighties in the small catalan beachtown of Blanes. He died in
Barcelona in 2003 of a liver disorder he suffered from for more than a

He was awarded several prizes, among them, the Municipal Prize for Literature Santiago de Chile - the country's most prestigious literary prize - for Llamadas telefonicas in 1998.In the same year he was also awarded the Herralde Prize for Los detectives salvajes, which in 1999 also achieved the Rómulo Gallegos Prize, the most coveted award for fiction in Latin America. Nocturno de Chile was selected by the Los Angeles Times Book Review as one of The Ten Best Books of 2003. His last book, 2666, has been elected the best book of 2004 by the main Spanish and Latin American cultural supplements and newspapers and awarded, posthumous, with the Ciudad de Barcelona Prize, the Salambó Award, awarded by Spanish writers, the Altazor Award, awarded by Chilean writers, and the Municipal Prize for Literature Santiago de Chile.


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