Máscaras de la ficción
Máscaras de la ficción

Fiction´s Masks

Máscaras de la ficción

A fascinating journey into the hearts of the most emblematic, mythical characters generated by western culture over the last two centuries: Frankenstein, Carmen, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Jekyll, Lulú, Pinocchio, Alice, Flash Gordon, Lolita, Ahab, Superman, Dorian Gray, Dr. Caligary, Dracula, Indiana Jones... Virtual characters who have been spinning our collective dreams, either on paper or on the screen. The book unveils its roots in deep, human archaic fantasies, which allow us to understand some of the most embryonic obsessions of our culture.

"Máscaras de la ficción is a book of great richness, of subtle approaches and of an abundance of material, which allows us to understand our own patterns of behaviour, the origins of our fantasies and, therefore, the mythopoetic components on which our reality is founded". El Mundo

"In all the examples revised, we find a reformulation of the most important questions about reality" ABC

" A true masterpiece, another one, by Gubern". Interviú

"A generous invitation to reading, in its widest sense, of all those stories that are the foundation of our collective imagery". Qué Leer



  • Portugal (Fim de Século)
Román Gubern

Román Gubern

Román Gubern (Barcelona, 1934) has been a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, professor at the South California University (Los Ángeles) and the California Institute of Technology (Pasadena), director of the Cervantes Institute of Rome and president of the Spanish Association of Film Historians. Nowadays, he is professor of Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and member of the Honour Committee of the International Association for Visual Semiotics. He has been awarded the Ciudad de Barcelona Prize for Patologías de la imagen in 2005.