Carlos Busqued

Carlos Busqued was born in Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña, Chaco (Argentina) in 1970 and currently lives in Buenos Aires. He produced the radio programmes Vidas Ejemplares, El otoño en Pekín and Prisionero del Planeta Infierno; and contributed to the magazine El Ojo Con Dientes. Finalist of the XIII “Alberto Lista" Prize with the short-story La vida media del artillero de cola.

TITLES BY Carlos Busqued
NH 601

USA (Catapult)
Camino (Norway)
EPEL (France)
Under This Terrible Sun
Under This Terrible Sun
NH 446

Germany (Antje Kunstmann)
Italy (H2O)
Argentina (Rizoma Films has optioned Film Rights)
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