Amor fou
Sanz, Marta
Pages: 200

In this triangular tale, Raymond observes the conjugal happiness of Adrián and, his ex-girlfriend Lala, and cannot bear what he sees. He then decides to intervene, in d...

Human Kisses
Ferrer Lerín, Francisco
Pages: 184

Perhaps that most appropriate adjective to describe the stories collected in this volume is ‘cruel’. But the cruelty that distinguishes them is not only reflected...

Busqued, Carlos
Pages: 152

During a ghostly week in September 1982, four nocturnal murders occurred in Buenos Aires, each of them coldly carried out and curiously similar, to the extent that they seemed...

USA (Catapult)
Camino (Norway)
EPEL (France)

The Young Man without Soul. A Romantic Novel
Molina Foix, Vicente
Pages: 368

El joven sin alma. Novela romántica is the story of a sexual and artistic sentimental education, and of a search for identity with the backdrop of Spain–and Europ...

High Paradise
Ordovás, Julio José
Pages: 136

Existing on the frontier between life and death, Paraíso Alto is an unusual place of pilgrimage: an abandoned village that, mysteriously, attracts suicides. There, work...

Japan (Tokyo Sogensha)

Animal Museum
Fonseca, Carlos
Pages: 432

Best Book of 2017 according to El Mundo / El Cultural In the midst of the excitement about the arrival of a new millennium, a Caribbean curator receives an invitation...

USA (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
Turkey (Metis Kitap)

Universal Literature
Méndez, Sabino
Pages: 520

A malevolent and unusual novel full of linguistic and structural ambition and written with the language of a writer of universal literature; an authentic work of literary vita...

How To Stop Writing
García Llovet, Esther
Pages: 136

A cult author, a misplaced manuscript, a son losing his way during a summer in Madrid: humour, atmosphere and strangeness meet in the confirmation of the talent this joyfully...

An Invisible Fire
Mesa, Sara
Pages: 240

The tense and claustrophobic story of a man who arrives in an emptying city; a writer and a subject that have become central to the narrative of our times.   Un incend...

Sanz, Marta
Pages: 208

Marta Sanz returns to the autobiographical tone of her La lección de anatomía to this time concentrate on a single part of her body. A physical and lacerating bo...

Happy Years
Torné, Gonzalo
Pages: 368

Some time during the second half of the XXth Century, a young man with an injured hand called Alfred Montsalvatges arrives at a hospital in New York. He’s a foreigner, w...

I Won't Expect Anyone to Believe Me
Villalobos, Juan Pablo
Pages: 280

«I don’t expect anyone to believe me», warns the narrator of this story, in which normality becomes delirious—without anyone actually knowing why&mdash...

Brazil (Companhia das Letras)
The Netherlands (Karaat)
United Kingdom (And Other Stories)
France (Buchet & Chastel)

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