Love Customs in 18th Century Spain
Martín Gaite, Carmen
Pages: 324

USA (California University Press)

The Borges Factor
Pauls, Alan
Pages: 160

This book is not a detective novel or a story of spies. It is an essay about reading. An instruction manual for readers to understand the work of Jorge Luís Borges. Som...

France (Christian Bourgois)

The Adopted Son
Pombo y García de los Ríos, Álvaro
Pages: 144

France (Christian Bourgois)
The Netherlands (Menken, Kasander & Wigman)
Sweden (Bonniers)

La vida conyugal
Pitol, Sergio
Pages: 136

Germany (Wagenbach)
Norway (Gyldendal Norsk)
The Netherlands (Cossee)
China (Nanhai)
Greece (Kastaniotis)
Italy (Nottetempo)
Brazil (Companhia das Letras)
Turquía (Anatolia)

The Vertical Journey
Vila-Matas, Enrique
Pages: 248

Federico Mayol is a seventy year old gentleman from Barcelona. He is the father of three children, a catholic al-though not a churchgoer, a recently retired successful busines...

France (Christian Bourgois & 10/18)
Portugal (Assírio & Alvim)
Switzerland (Nagel & Kimche)
Brazil (Cosac & Naify)
Israel (Keter)
Norway (Solum)
Greece (Kastaniotis)
Italy (Voland)
People's Republic of China (Beijing Publishing House)

Bartleby & Co.
Vila-Matas, Enrique
Pages: 184

The protagonist, Marcelo, who lives his life in an office, like Herman Melville’s character, searches for all possible Bartlebys who have put in practice the philosophy...

France (Christian Bourgois & 10/18)
Switzerland (Nagel & Kimche)
Italy (Feltrinelli)
Portugal (Assírio & Alvim)
Greece (Kastaniotis)
UK (The Harvill Press)
USA (New Directions)
The Netherlands (De Bezige Bij)
Brazil (Cosac & Naify)
Norway (Solum)
Serbia & Montenegro (Plato)
Romania (Rao)
Turkey (Dogan Kitap)
Slovenia (Beletrina)
Denmark (Politisk Revy)
Hungary (Geopen)
Russia (Inostranka)
Czech Republic (Garamond)
Finland (Basam)
Poland (Muza)
Bulgaria (Panorama)
Lithuania (Alma Littera)
China (Yuan-Liou)
Croatia (Bozicevic)
Korea (Sodam)
Japan (Shincho-Sha)

Katia's Sister
Barba, Andrés

The novel describes the critical experiences and discoveries of an adolescent girl left to her own devices: her mother is a prostitute and her sister is a striptease dancer in...

France (Christian Bourgois)
The Netherlands (De Bezige Bij)
Germany (Antje Kunstmann)
Italy (Instar Libri)
Romania (Vellant)
Syria (Ayman)

A Window to the North
Pombo y García de los Ríos, Álvaro
Pages: 320

Isabel de la Hoz a young, impressionable bourgeois girl from Santander emigrates to a Mexico inflamed by the Cristeras Wars. Wars that, in this book, are a metaphor of the con...

France (Christian Bourgois)

Intruders and Guests
Magrinyà, Luis
Pages: 232

The protagonist of this story is a man with a set of worries and responsibilities that would classify him among the norm in Western society. He is separated from his wife and...
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