Limbos terrestres
Limbos terrestres

Terrestrial Limbos

Limbos terrestres

What makes up a landscape? How do we tell its story; blend in with it? Limbos terrestres is full of notes and attempts to answer these questions.

Shamanic rituals, the drummer who defeated Napoleon in 1808, a mayor who stammers before Franco, and asparagus who spot UFOs: everything goes in El Bruc, a municipality at the foot of Montserrat that can be understood as a palimpsest.

The author, a foreigner who has barely landed, surrenders to the biological rhythm of the mountain and observes and experiences it from his different levels that are symbolic and mystical; historical, global, and local. In this way, he learns to stop searching: experiencing depersonalization in a final act of camouflage with the landscape.

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Esteban Feune de Colombi

Esteban Feune de Colombi

Esteban Feune de Colombi is a multidisciplinary creator who was born in Buenos Aires. His projects have taken the forms of books, movies, performances, walks, objects, and songs. He has lived in Paris, Geneva, and Barcelona, and he now lives in El Bruc, a small Catalan town. He has published Lugares que no, No recuerdo, Leídos, Del infinito al bife, Creo en la historia de mis pasos, and Dos hombres que caminan (alongside Marc Caellas). His chronicles are regularly published in La Nación, Anfibia, and Altaïr. He was a protagonist in Além da Estrada (2010) and Vermelho Russo (2017), two movies by the Brazilian director Charly Braun that received prizes at international festivals. He presented five individual photography and performance exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. Alongside Marc Caellas, he founded Compañía La Soledad, which has been dedicated to on-stage and performative productions since 2011, including El paseo de Robert Walser and Bolaño, vuelve a casa. On his own, he has completed multiple projects related to writing, theater, and performance: Himno al mar, Los trabajos y los días, Electrocardiopoemas, and Jamás tan cerca arremetió lo lejos, among others.


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