Literatura universal
Literatura universal

Universal Literature

Literatura universal

A malevolent and unusual novel full of linguistic and structural ambition and written with the language of a writer of universal literature; an authentic work of literary vitality.

Cárdenas, Simón and Valls meet in a nuns’ school in late-era Francoist Spain: they are the two most mischievous students in a school full of mischievous students. Although they come from very different backgrounds they share complicities and an enthusiasm for books, rock music, films and drugs. Travelling from Barcelona to Madrid, with a previous initiatory stop-off in the Baleares, the trio and their friends grow with the rhythms of their respective ambitions and with the need to make money. But all of them will discover, unexpectedly, how the written word pursues them in a decisive and diabolical way for the rest of their lives. Sabino Méndez offers us a Universalliterature a festival of art and writing, a parody of the generational novel, a defence of passionate and sensitive reading. An insolent defence of plagiarism and, at the same time, a staunch justification of the pride and utility of writing.  

«Sabino is perspicacious, lucid, reflective and measured, even in his excesses. The affect is astonishing» (Anna Caballé, ABC).

«It seems that Sabino Méndez has arrived to stay, and that is very good news» (Pablo Martínez Zarracina, El Correo).

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