El cielo del infierno

El cielo del infierno

December 1980. Dani Cajal, activist of the revolutionary movement for independence spends his days in jail in Barcelona having been arrested for taking part in a terrorist group. When he leaves prison, and after trying to organize his life with his partner Maite, who like many others has left the political struggle behind, Dani becomes tired of defeatism and of the sordid atmosphere of heroin. Dani starts a new adventure that takes him to the first years of the Sandinista revolution. From one continent to the other, "El cielo del infierno" tells, with the rhythm and the action of an adventure novel, the epic of an old idealistic dream that arrives in the hands of a generation without big hopes. A journey through an age, in which utopia is a dying dream, whose time is running out.

SERIESNarrativas hispánicas

David Castillo

David Castillo (Barcelona, 1961) is a poet, critic and, since 1989, director of the cultural supplement of the local newspaper Avui. As a teenager, he took part in the the counter-culture movement, born in Barcelona during the dictatorship, as it emerged from the underground. During the 80s he was a collaborator with various newspapers and literary magazines, both in Madrid and in Barcelona. Has been awarded various prizes for his criticism and journalism. His novel, El cielo del infierno was granted the Crexells Prize for the best Catalan novel in 1999 and Sin mirar atrás, the Sant Jordi Prize, 2003.

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