The Cockroaches

Les cuques

A book of memories about the passage of time and a journey from childhood to old age, through oceans and mountains.

Inspired by Wild Strawberries, the film by Ingmar Bergman, Les cuques invites us to see nature from a new perspective. Every one of the sixty episodes that make up this book centers on an insect, a cockroach that appears on a wall or a on a flower, that unravels the author’s memories.The backdrop is the experience of having to leave beloved places during his wife’s long recovery after a stroke.

«Part of the game is discovering what kind of literary object this is, a sort of mix of fiction and memories» (David Carabén).

SERIESLlibres Anagrama

Julià Guillamon

JULIÀ GUILLAMON (Barcelona, 1962) has renewed the way to write about nature with El sifón de can Sitra (2017) and Travessar la riera (2017). He is the author of two novels: one fiction, La Moràvia (2011) and one non-fiction, El barri de la Plata (2018). La ciutat interrompuda, recovered in 2019 by Anagrama in an amplified edition, is a reference to studies of cultural history.

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