Huesos en el desierto
Huesos en el desierto

Bones in the Desert

Huesos en el desierto

The place: Ciudad Juárez, in the Chihuahua state, on the border bet-ween Mexico and the United States. The story: the true tale of a wave of brutal crimes. This report investigates the savage serial killings committed in the area and repeated year after year, including little girls raped and tortured, whose corpses were left in the desert. A trail of blood that leads to an intrigue of complicities and silences among murderers, policemen, local authorities, prominent citizens and the government of the Republic at its highest level. A journalistic denunciation of a bloodcurdling reality.

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  • Italy (Adelphi)
  • France (Passage du Nord/Ouest)
Sergio González Rodríguez

Sergio González Rodríguez

Sergio González Rodríguez (Mexico City, 1950-2017) was an essayist, writer and critic. In 1992 he was joint runner-up for the Premio Anagrama de Ensayo with his book El Centauro en el paisaje. In 2002 he published Huesos en el desierto, in this collection, which was a finalist for the International Literary Reportage Prize Lettre Ulysses 2003 in Germany. His books have been translated into Italian, English and French. He was awarded, among other, the Casa Amèrica Catalunya Prize for Freedom of Expression and the National Fernando Benítez Cultural Journalism Prize.