Robert Juan-Cantavella

Robert Juan-Cantavella (Almassora, 1976) is the author of the novels Otro (2001), El Dorado (2008) and Asesino cósmico (2011), the short story collection Proust Fiction (2005), the novella El corazón de Julia (2011 (written in collaboration with Óscar Gualand and illustrated by Riot Über Alles), and the book of poetry Los sonetos (2011). After writing an experimental novel, which attracted few readers, his short story collection Proust Fiction was widely celebrated: «Juicy stories» (Juan Goytisolo, El País); «He uses references from universal mass culture to oblige us to see the world in a different way: he both accepts and transforms. An excellent first work that illustrates this double judo move» (Nils C. Ahl, Le Monde). El Dorado uses dirty journalism to look at the crisis on the Valencian coast: «Great fun.» (María José Obiol, El País); «It often reaches the heights of satirical literature» (Ricardo Senabre, El Cultural); «Translate this book now!» (Elizabeth Clark Wessel, The New Yorker). For Asesino cósmico written with Curtis Garland (1929-2013): «A notable capacity for humour through many registers that go from irony to satire produces a book that is goyaesque, iconoclastic» (Santos Sanz Villanueva, El Cultural); «Young Spanish literature often invokes popular culture, but no one has dared so much: an act of love that is sincere, pure and, at the same time, festive» (Jordi Costa, La Vanguardia). Robert Juan-Cantavella is a translator and professor at the School of Writing. He lives in Barcelona.

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