Paloma Díaz-Mas

Paloma Díaz-Mas (Madrid, 1954) is a research professor at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and was for eighteen years professor of literature at the University of the País Vasco. She has published studies of oral and Romance literature, Medieval Spanish literatureand Sephardi culture. At the age of only nineteen she published her first book of short stories (recently re-published as an E-book under the title Ilustres desconocidos). At Anagrama she haspublished the novels El rapto del Santo Grial (runner-up for the 1st Premio Herralde de Novela 1983), El sueño de Venecia (Premio Herralde de Novela 1992) and La tierra fértil (Premio Euskadi 2000 and runner-up for the Premio de la Crítica); the book of stories Nuestro milenio (1987),  the autobiographical tales Una ciudad llamada Eugenio (1992) and Como un libro cerrado (2005). She also worked on two collections of stories edited by Laura Freixas, Madres e hijas (2002) and Cuentos de amigas (2009).

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What We Learn From Cats
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