The Wind in the Leaves

El viento en las hojas

The sound of the wind rustling in the leaves is the ritornelo that runs through these stories. It whispers of life and death, of the inexorable passing of time and of a life’s settlements, but also of the sensuality of bodies and the enigmas of desire. This musical motif accompanies the slow movement of two old people who face the crueltyof a young woman of insulting beauty, approaching the revolving door of an old café, where boys and girls enter;or a man who observes and analyses the secret beauty of a woman while another woman announces her impending death to her life-long friends. Literature to read slowly, to savour and enjoy, to pay attention to that which is said and lived and vice-versa; literature to accompany our lives with the power of words, which some will say, and others will refuse to speak.

SERIESNarrativas hispánicas

José Ángel González Sainz

J.Á. González Sainz was born in Soria (1956) and currently lives in Trieste (Italy). He has also lived in Barcelona (where he graduated in Philology), Madrid and, for almost twenty years, in Venice. He earned the Premio de las Letras de Castilla y León in 2006, an award that had previously been given to, among others, Carmen Martín Gaite, Luis Mateo Díez, Torrente Ballester and Miguel Delibes.

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